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One Year Gallery: Taipei

SKIN THE ARTIST / 剥皮計畫VOL.11 劉秋兒 Leo Liu

劉秋兒 Leo Liu

開幕趴踢/Opening Party:2012.12.22, 3:00PM~8:00PM

展期/Date:2012.12.22 ~ 2013.1.6
開放時間/Time:週六、周日Sat、Sun (PM 3:00~8:00)

Opening Party - 2012.12.22, 3:00PM~8:00PM
Show : SKIN THE ARTIST / VOL.11 Leo Liu 
Date:2012.6.9 ~ 6.23
Time:Sat. Sun / PM3:00 - PM8:00
Event:site specific sound installation order project

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剥 皮 計 畫 / SKIN THE ARTIST VOL.10

剥 皮 計 畫  / SKIN THE ARTIST  VOL.10 
曾偉豪   Wei Hao Tseng
展      期 / Date:2012 . 6. 9  ~  6 . 24
開放時間 / Time:週六、周日 Sat、Sun (PM3:00 ~ 8:00)
開幕趴踢 / Opening Party: 2012 . 6 .9 (PM3:00 ~ 8:00)
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03 03 - 18 03, Skin the Artist Vol.9 / 泰政徳 Qin Zheng De


SKIN the Artist Vol.9  泰政徳 Qin-Zheng De
2012 03 03 - 03 18 / only Sat, Sun (PM3-8)
3/4  05 06 07 08 09 10
11    12 13 14 15 16  17

2012年3月3日 15:00〜2012年3月18日 20:00


開幕趴踢/Opening Party:2012.3.3, 3:00PM~8:00PM
現場活動 / Event : 小草明信片投遞計畫
展期/Date:2012.3.3 ~ 3.18
開放時間/Time:週六、周日Sat、Sun (PM 3:00~8:00) 

Opening Party - 2012.3.3, 3:00PM~8:00PM
Show : SKIN THE ARTIST / VOL.9 Qin Zheng De.
Date:2012.3.3 ~ 3.18
Time:Sat. Sun / PM3:00 - PM8:00
Event:Deliver The Grass postcard (for anyone who's interested in this)

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SkIN the ARTIST Vol. 07 _ 廖銘和 Liao Ming-he

 SkIN the ARTIST Vol. 07 _ 廖銘和 Liao Ming-he
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Skin The Artis _VOL.5 Tan Tan-Fa 唐唐發

2009.06.06 - 06.21
Friday PM 5:00 to PM 8:00
Sat. & Sun. PM 3:00 to PM 8:00

Mon. to Thr = CLOSED
Skin The Artist-Who Is Invited for Dinner? VOL.5 Tan Tan-Fa
Large Pearl Milk Tea , No Ice, Few Sugars !

All we are making sculptures,
We sculpted words and deeds manner,
We sculpted shapes of dress up,
We sculpted enviornmenet for living,
We sculpted enviornmenet for living,
We sculpted social landscape,
We sculpted aura of age,
Did you see the sculpture that you made?
Did you see the sculpture that we made?
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Skin The Artist / 剥皮計畫-VOL.3 陳正才 Cheng-Tsai Chen

13th to 28th December 2008
VIDEO exhibition : 13th - 28rd Dec. 2008
Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Friday : 17:00 - 20:00, Saturday and Sunday : 15:00 - 20:00
Opening party : 4pm 13th Dec. 2008


Cheng-Tsai Chen is working with video, photography, and mixed media installation. Through his work, he ponder on the disparity in our life. His work asks us what is "difference", what makes us feel "difference". His ability concerning these things is very excellent.
His work is a sociological approach. However, his work is not a mere inspection slip. They are expressed in the area of the art that he thinks about.
And one more important thing in his work. We feels very very quiet and very very delicate humor in his work. This humor is a very small element. However, it is given incidental fruits by his huge knowledge about new media. I have a curiosity about his thinking way when he plans his work.
His work has very clear concept. There is no ambiguities. But on the other hand, we can have various interpretation about his work. Maybe it is because he believes capacity for imagination about art. Shall we try to reveal secrets of his art?
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Skin The Artist / 剥皮計畫-VOL.2 周孟曄

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Skin The Artist-Who Is Invited for Dinner? / 剥皮計畫-誰來晚餐?

【Skin The Artist-Who Is Invited for Dinner? / 剥皮計畫-誰來晚餐?】

1 year gallery has 3 small rooms.
We use these 3 rooms for a show.
1st room is for artist's new original work. This room is same with usual gallery.
2nd room is for past work's reference. We ask artist gives us past work photo and text about those art works. This room is like an artist book or an artist catalog.
3rd room has a video, which is a view of a dinner conversation with artist. Lanya invites an artist for dinner before the show. Through the dinner we have a conversation about his or her art work and a life as an artist. The video and what is called artist talk video is similar, but this video is more in a relaxed state. While the artist eats dinner, he or she has a chat about "topics about art" and "topics no related with art". While the artist eats dinner, he or she has a chat about "topics about art" and "topics no related with art". All topics are not classified.

Actually what do we want to do?
We want to know a kind of secret of artist. Of course a wise man may say "if you want to know, just watch the art work carefully, everything what you want to know are there." But we want to know more, and if we can ask to the artist directly, it is useful, because the artist is still alive and standing in front of us.
And we know if the artist can talk about his or her art work perfectly, they need not make art work. We can only talk about his or her art like a removing the outer skin from an onion.
And we don't mind how people thinks our activity. Because our project is run by only our curiosity about artists who we are interested in. Maybe some people will have same curiosity with us. If those people will come to see, we will be happy.

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